Wayne Pride with Guitar

Wayne has many years of recording experience, his first single being released in 1969 through Clarion Records and his first National LP was released on Donut in 1980. He has continued to release new material with several independent releases over the past 10 years. Collaborating with international musicians, Wayne has spent a considerable amount of time in the heart of Country Music (Nashville, Tennessee) having visited 18 times since 1976. Not only there to create new material, Wayne has made several appearances in the USA over the years including performances in California, Oklahoma, East Tennessee and of course Nashville.

During Wayne's career he has performed alongside international acts such as Willie Nelson, Charley Pride and Don Williams (to name a few). In 1966, he even toured throughout Australia with the Buddy Williams Show. Honouring his 'Hero' the late Roger Miller, Wayne wrote and released a book in 2010 entitled 'Three Little Boys' which detailed the life stories of Roger and his two brothers. He also developed a live stage show from the book, which has been performed on multiple occasions in the USA and Australia.

Wayne Pride...
...is an Australian country music and memory lane musician, who started his career in 1959 as a vocalist and guitarist in Sydney, Australia. He has toured with Charley Pride and Buddy Williams, made over 100 television appearances. Pride won the 'Best Entertainer' category at the Western Australian Country Music Awards in 1986, 1989 and 1991. He was the opening act for Don Williams in early 2004. Later in 2004 Pride travelled to the United States to meet long-estranged friend Dwight Peters, together they wrote "Smoky Mountain Memories". He returned to the US in 2008 to continue his work with Peters. Pride has also performed with Willie Nelson, and a numerous amount of other well respected performers.


On behalf of the 90 plus residents and friends who attended your show "Hero" at Novacare Lifestyle Village last evening, I want to congratulate you on the fabulous entertainment. To learn about the life of Roger Miller, and listen to your rendition of a number of his songs was really great, we even managed to "sing along" with a couple of them.

I feel sure that your show will be a huge success wherever it is performed, and I can understand why Roger Miller is your "Hero". Thanks once again for bringing it to Busselton.

Novacare Lifestyle Village - Broadwater WA


On behalf of the committee of "The Gathering" Northern Suburbs Social Group, I thank you for coming to our meeting on 20th July. The performance you gave was brilliant, and we had excellent feedback from our members who enjoyed singing along to some old favourites. A special thank you for the duet with Kathryn of "Amazing Grace" in memory of our dear friend Ann Mansell, it was a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. We look forward to seeing you again in the future, and I thank you for your support.

The Gathering - Northern Suburbs Social Group